Our Timbers come from old warehouses, factories, mill buildings (mostly Douglas Fir) and other industrial salvage. All timbers come with varying degrees of character; for example, nail holes, stain, checking, knots, etc. We can usually supply the history of the timbers used in your project. Click on the links below to view the photos.

Textures: Various texturing is available for our timber. We will texture lumber as per your request
AS IS When timbers are in clean enough shape they can be used in an "as is" state.
RESAWN Band sawn with our sawmill, this clean untextured timber is popular in the Northwest, and when a bright timber surface is desired
SANDBLASTED This technique cleans up a timber, highlighting its original character, while maintaining its patina.
HAND HEWN This rustic texture is created using both hand and power tools.
ADZED & SANDED Scooped out with planers then sanded, this technique creates a smoother texture than hand hewn.

How to buy our timbers
Click on the link above for instructions on purchasing our recycled timbers.